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Riot Breaks Loose By Customs House!

By Brian Hanley BOSTON, MA – A few british soldiers were protecting the british sentinel. Some colonists started joining together one by one and throwing snowballs, sticks and stones at the British soldiers. March 5, 1777 is when this all happened. Someone in the commotion yelled or thought someone yelled “fire” and shot which lead to even more […]

Adams Defends British Soldiers

By Jaden Milano Boston Mass- John Adams, one of the most well respected Patriot leaders, put his legacy on the line this week.  Adams will represent the British soldiers who were involved in the the Boston Massacre and who are accused of killing five colonists. Adams says his reasoning for this is that he believes everyone […]

First Shot Fired in Rebellion!

April 19, 1775 – On midnight, the British set out from Boston for Lexington. They were on their way to capture the munitions supplies. They didn’t want to risk a war with their own colonies. They arrived at Lexington by dawn, but the town was already alerted by nearby local, Paul Revere. A line of 70 […]

Conspiracy theory rocks Boston – Adams and Hancock flee to Lexington

By Aparna Nair-Kanneganti April 11th, 1774 – British military in Boston have recently gained knowledge that arms are being gathered in Concord, a small town a few miles north of the city. Rebel Samuel Adams and fellow Patriot John Hancock are suspected to be the masterminds of the plot, and have been proclaimed public enemies […]

End of American Isolation: Treaty of Amity Signed

By Luca Abatemarco The Americans gained another monumental victory over  the British this week, for as of January 7th, 1778, France agreed to sign a Treaty of Amity with the colonies. This decision was made unanimously by the French Royal Council after the colonies’ victory at Saratoga; however, the leaders of the colonies had been […]

Quartering Act Passed

By Cynthia Baseman March 25th, 1765— The Quartering Act, which states that any colonist must submit to housing and feeding one or m0re British soldiers in his home at his own expense, enraged many colonists. The act was passed yesterday and will expire on March 24th, 1777. The British Parliament believes that the soldiers must […]

Continental Army Raids Tory Town of Their Weapons

Dec. 1775- Local Militia Men rode into Redding in search of weapons.   Officers and soldiers came into local citizens households demanding their guns.  People who refused were hit or beaten.  Colonists were very angered because they use their guns not just for defense, but for hunting too. Tim Meeker, a local boy whose family runs a […]

Patriots Freeze at Valley Forge

         Winter 1778- General George Washington and his 12,000 men camped  in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania which is 18 miles from Philadelphia.        With the winter’s  fast winds, cold ice and melting snow, diseases were always around, waiting to strike another soldier. Wounded soldiers from previous battles were the first ones that died from exposures to diseases. Typhoid, jaundice, dysentery and pneumonia […]

Paine Publishes “Common Sense”

January 11, 1776 – Thomas Paine, a 39 year old Patriot, published a pamphlet called “Common Sense.”  This pamphlet challenges the authority of the British government, and urges Americans to become Patriots. One quote from this pamphlet is, “…No man was a warmer wisher for a (peaceful settlement) than myself, before the fatal nineteenth of April, 1775, but […]

Paul Revere, Arrested on His Way to Concord

April 18th– Paul Revere was arrested by British Patrol in Concord around 1:00 am last night.  He was arrested for riding at a strange hour along with two other men, William Dawes & Dr. Samuel Prescott.              Paul Revere, a messenger, was warning several towns he passed threw on his way to Concord yelling, ‘The […]

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