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The Sightseeing Guide for the British Traveler

When I stepped off of the Queen Elizabeth onto the piers in the New York Harbor, I was immediately overwhelmed by the hustle of a commercial city that could rival London in its business. The stereotypical inexperienced tourist, I attempted to make everything I could of the colonies in the few days I had to […]

Washington Crosses Delaware River…On Christmas!

December 25th, 1776 Around 4:00 AM, General George Washington, commander of the Continental Army, crossed the Delaware River into Trenton, New Jersey. He was going to attempt to surprise the Hessian mercenaries and drive them out of New Jersey. With the river filled with ice, it was a dangerous mission, but it was there only […]

Drums from Revolutionary Times

      Imagine, harvesting your apples from your tree when all the sudden, you hear thump, thump, thump. Drums come in many shapes, sizes and make different sounds, but drums were used for communication, music, entertainment and surrenders during the Revolutionary War.     Drums were very useful for communications when the Patriots or British troops were sneaking up. […]

Two Women Who Make A Difference

              Women did not have the same rights as men, but they still fought for what they wanted. Women wanted rights, and if they didin`t recive them they would make history.               Molly Pitcher was  just 17 when travling with her husband in the war. When the men would fall on the battle field or became dehydrated, […]

Food for Our Patriot Soldiers, if They Had Any.

Food is very scarce for our Patriots in the Revolutionary War.  When they are lucky, they get to have soup, hard bread, meat or wine.  That’s why anytime these soldiers can get there hands on food they aren’t going to give it up. The soldiers don’t  really care about the taste, just that they have food and that they are more full then before. Many different types of […]

Peace or War: For Better or for Worse?

You are staring down at the man that was your best friend since you were six years old. He is lying in your arms, blood pouring from a hole in his stomach, twitching uncontrollably, with his mouth hanging open slightly to the side. You watch silently as he stops moving, rolls out of your arms, […]

The World Turned Upside Down

By Alianna Becerra As the Patriots jumped for joy, the Tories wept at the result of the war. The Continental Army was successful in their first major war and was also very successful in greatly embarrassing the British. King George III was extremely disappointed for he thought this would be a very easy war for his highly experienced […]

Deborah Sampson and Others – How They Helped

By Michelle Cai Who have the more important duties in this Revolutionary War, men or women?  Some believe that the men are more important, but the truth is that the women are just as important as the men.  Many ladies sacrifice their lives every day treating wounded soldiers, cooking for the militia, and helping out […]

British Desperation Leads to Destruction

By Alan Pugielli Showers of bullets fly over the battlefield, demolishing everything in their paths, the bullets shattering and splintering in a lethal arc. The grapeshot method is new out of the British factory, if you take my meaning, but already British military officers are debating whether this is the right way to go. Although […]

It’s a Harsh Winter After All

The air is cold, the people are hungry, disease is spreading… and you might be barefoot. This is a soldier’s life at Valley Forge, one of the worst places to stay for the winter.  During this winter of 1777-1778, George Washington, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, chose this place to stay for the winter.  Little […]

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