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Inoculation, How to save yourself from disease on british ships!

By Abigail Bueti Do you know how to protect yourself from diseases?  Inoculation is great for protecting against many diseases including small pox. Self inoculating is an important part of staying healthy. You can self inoculate in hurry by preferating a small portion of skin and putting an infected substance onto the area. The next […]

Hardtack Recipe

Hardtack. It’s light weight, easy to make, and doesn’t spoil easily. It’s perfect for any army. Many call it teeth duller, molar cruncher, sheet iron and many more for its very hard texture. Many eat it by soaking it in drinks, crumbling it up and putting it in stew, and even just eating it plain. […]

Help Wanted!

Enlist today ye good men! Heroes America needs, and protectors willing to risk the peril of battle, if she is to prevail in her secession from Britain. Enlist in infantry, or serve in the navy, but do as is your right and serve this glorious nation. Soldiers will be provided with blue Continental uniform and […]

“Goodbye Party” Held for British

Yesterday,General George Washington and his officers held an official “goodbye party” for the British troops, who are leaving New York for good. The party took place at Tommy`s Tavern in New York City. About 12 Continental officers and 6 British officers arrived to have drinks and celebrate. George Washington mingled with General Cornwallis, a now […]

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