Quartering Act Passed

The Quartering Act

By Cynthia Baseman

March 25th, 1765— The Quartering Act, which states that any colonist must submit to housing and feeding one or m0re British soldiers in his home at his own expense, enraged many colonists. The act was passed yesterday and will expire on March 24th, 1777. The British Parliament believes that the soldiers must be kept here so that the colonists will not ‘act up’, what we call fighting for our freedom and rights.

One rightfully angry colonist despises the act and stated, “We came here to be free. They let us come here to be free. So why can’t they stay out of our lives and just let us be free? And anyway, the French and Indian War is over, so why do we need soldiers stationed here now?”  In contrast, a British soldier, stationed on King Street, claims that “The soldiers, like me, are here only to protect the colonists. Why can’t they just settle down and get their heads straight? These colonists are turning into downright rebels, who cannot only hurt others, but also hurt themselves.”

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