Conspiracy theory rocks Boston – Adams and Hancock flee to Lexington

By Aparna Nair-Kanneganti

April 11th, 1774 – British military in Boston have recently gained knowledge that arms are being gathered in Concord, a small town a few miles north of the city. Rebel Samuel Adams and fellow Patriot John Hancock are suspected to be the masterminds of the plot, and have been proclaimed public enemies to the city. Anonymous sources revealed that Adams has fled to the Massachusetts countryside while troops are on the lookout for anyone affiliated with the notorious Sons of Liberty.

Military authorities have been granted rights to a search warrant for every house in Concord to look for an alleged stash of ammunition and weaponry illegally stored in the village. The Governor of Boston has alerted the public to the imminence of a massive attack on the city using these stored arms, giving a sense of urgency to the search. Accusations of civilians assisting and harboring traitors to the Crown have triggered much uproar in the surrounding area. Several more soldiers have been commissioned to Massachusetts to help control the restive populace. Many fear that action will be taken in a more violent manner than necessary, and an all-out battle seems inevitable.

Reporters of this newspaper met with Samuel Adams before he left for Lexington. Adams would not reveal whether he was indeed responsible for this latest enacted scheme to amass weapons and form a colonial army.

Mixed perspectives and views on these recent events are not uncommon in the city of Boston, as a series of interviews with locals have proved. Milliner and long-time resident Sylvia Janesdaughter claims that “Samuel Adams and others like him are a threat to the public and have been poisoning the minds of many in Boston with malicious notions about the King”, while others, including the ardent patriot Samuel Johnson declare that, “What we need is change, and we aim to get it! The British have no right to keep persecuting us for what is our right! By all means, keep stockpiling weapons!” Engraver and silversmith Paul Revere, whose work was made famous with his depiction of the Boston Massacre, hinted at “more action in the coming days; just remember, one if by land, and two if by sea”. He gestured towards his long-time friend, pastor Sexton Newman, who was also present for the interview. Yet more Bostonians are undecided as to whether they support the Loyalist or the American cause.

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